Prayer for Your Blessing and Deliverance from Unlikely Jail Time

by Malcolm (Richmond,Virginia)

Lord, I have’nt always done what you’ve asked me 2 do. And for a long time I ran away from my god given gifts and blessings in favor of the devil’s lies and temptations. Even still you’ve always kept me safe and shown me favor. But now my situation is one of dire need. I never been in a situation like this god where they could take me from my family and ruin my chances at ever living a righteous life and be financially secure legally.

I need you to make haste to deliver me o’lord make haste to help me. I thank you for this situation however from going to jail to house arrest it’s been a truly life changing situation for me. I have truly changed and repented before you god. But now I need you help for I don’t want to fight this myself I give it all to you.

I trust that you will make a way even though the court’s say there is no way and that all I have to do is pray and stand and you will dispel all the evil slanderous sentences they try to throw on me. I know I don’t deserve your mercy but I ask for it anyway.

I let go and let god im ready for your angels and your son Jesus to have their will be done on earth. God bless everyone who reads this and everyone who’s going through a similar situation or worse it does not matter.

May god bless all of us and I appreciate everyone who reads this and takes the time out to include me in your prayer I sure could use em. Stay blessed yall.

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