Prayer for you who are griefing.

(Reykjavik Iceland)

Dear God please give me strength to .go through the day to mortow. this will be her funeral day. I love her so much and we had a wonderful relationtionship. we could laugh together and cry together. Dhe was an amazing listener and somtimes when I was yonger she tried to control over me and I went very angry. Now I now she was protecting me.and wanted all the best for me. Jigher education because when she was growing up she didnt get the opportunity. because she did not havve any money.My heart is slso ful of beautiful memories. I will remember.and I am so grateful dear God she hafd good health to 86 years old. dhe was very colorful lady and loved the live. dhe got also lot of willpower and was very good at sheer people up andtake action.she and her husband was running a ridingschool for childrenlast 24 years. she loved the horses,,children and her work.I am greatful for her life with me.I ask God to take good care of her on eternity. AMEN