Prayer for worrying about health

by Dawn (Florida)

I ask for prayers for peace of mind and strength for the day. I tend to always over stress about my health. A simple doctors visit makes me stressed. I sometimes don’t believe my doctors and I surf the internet looking for answers which makes me more stressed out as I diagnose myself.

I pray for all anxiety sufferers that the Lord will grant us peace in our day and faith that we may continue to go to him with EVERYTHING! I thank the Lord even for this time of trial as it makes me closer to him. Please pray for me and all who are going through the same thing.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers. May God bless us all and bless us with peace and strength. AMEN

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  1. Don't stress about health

    I too worry about my health and the health of my family. I obsess over an issue till I feel I’m having an anxiety attack. Here’s what I find helps.
    1. Prayer. Trust in God and ask him to strengthen your faith.
    2. Stay off the Internet. You can match up any disease to your
    symptoms and most sites have people blabbering that don’t
    know any more than you.
    3. Go on You Tube and listen to a ” Guided Christian Meditation
    For Healing” tape. These help me clear the anxiety from my
    mind and put the focus where it belongs. Choose one of at
    least a half hour.

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