Prayer for worry about child

by Loving Mom (Louisiana)

Lord I pray that you will ease my anxiety about my child. I worry that she is ok. I worry that she is getting the nutrients she needs to thrive. I worry that she gets enough rest. I worry that she places undue stress on herself. I ask that you wrap your arms around her, build a wall for her protection. I pray that you will comfort me in knowing that you’ve got this! Be still and know that I am God!

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  1. My adult child

    I worry constantly about my adult daughter. She has made so many poor choices over the years, and as a result has had much misery in her life. She lives alone, and I worry all the time because there is no one who cares about her. No one would ever check on her over a long weekend like this. i try to have faith and let go of my worries, but it’s impossible. Prayers don’t help. The stress never ends.
    From another worried mom

  2. worried over your adult daughter

    We never stop worrying over our kids but god tells us not to worry find prayers about worrying and pray them over yourself. You need to speak life into yourself and your daughter.God will take care of the rest. Focus on him he won’t let you sink.
    I’m praying for you and your daughter.
    hope this helps you.
    a friend in Christ

  3. Prayer for child

    I too worry about my child. he has anxiety, stress experiment with drugs and seem to have lost his direction in life. I pray constantly for him to find peace and to let God in his life so that he will find peace and continment and the will power to understand that only Our Merciful Father can bring him out of this misery he is experencing. Please Pray with us to the Lord Our God so that we will stop trying to fix this and realize once we turn our problems over to god he will fix it.

  4. Prayer for my Adult Dauhgter

    I have a 19 year daughter that just won’t do right she not living with her family we lost our home in July due to not paying bills and not believing in God to keep our home safe she went off to school to get her GED and didn’t get it and then went AmeriCrop and that wasn’t successful at all messed up things there now going to Job Crop this month she living from house to house not with us we are living at my husband moms house right now me my husband and my 12 year old son I know it sound all missy and it is but I’m praying for God to keep my daughter safe with her decision that she make in her life and cover her with the blood of Jesus….. Pray for me and me Family we need it.

  5. Prayers for my adult daughter

    Prayers for my adult daughter finds transitional housing. She is 120 days clean and sober. Thank you Lord

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