Prayer for world peace and family, career, relationship and marriage and inner peace

by Annabellee (Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines)

Father God, i pray for US, Syria, Russia, China and other countries to have a speedy resolution on disclosing the weapons and dismantling it… I pray that YOU will touch the hearts of each countries to have an amicable settlement as early. i believe in your most holy power that YOU alone can pacify ang put your miracle over them…

I also ask for inner peace to my self, release all the negatives in me so I can perform a positive attitude all for your own glory. I ask for more transfers everyday that my clients will be willing and interested for the promotion that we have and willing to be transferred and get valid.

I ask also for a big pay this coming payday so I can pay off all my debts with extra excess so I can save it for our savings. Father almighty, I ask for protection to my family, loved ones and friends, thank you for the people you gave me as inspirations.. I also ask fo my husband Dennis who is in Kuwait to pls continue to protect and guide him at all times away from any harm, danger, temptations and sickness instead fill his heart with the holy spirit to overcome the homesickness he felt for us and enjoy and love his work more and find interest to what he’s doing..

Bless him in everything that he will do as well as what I do everyday Father God… Bless our marriage to be more strong,peaceful and live a happy life accdg to your will… Pls. Let dennis finish his contract and come home safely under your guidance and protection.. I claimed that I received your blessings in your most holy name Jesus.. Amen