Prayer for workers enhance the lives of those we serve

by Angel (Loveville,UT)

I work with adults with disabilities in a residential setting. Although we all have a job to do, most cannot do it without complaining as well as seeing the big picture for enhancing the lives of those individuals which truly need our time, patience, and desire to promote a better quality of life, even it it is an inconvenience to ourselves.

God says, take care of His children and He will take care of mine. It can be destressing to have to convince others to step out of their own party and let others enjoy life for just what it is..their lives. A life not being rushed, a life of hope, and companionship with a monetary value assessed. The hope of being loved, just because you are a child of the living God and that more than qualifies every person regardless of their abilities. To actually see a person as a human being and wanting the best for that person..the same way God loves and sees us (especially with all of our inabilities).
I pray for strength to keep going forward and being an advocate for those that need an advocate, friend, worker, and for those of us that need them to be what God has created us to be.