Prayer for Work Suddenly and Finally to Overcome

Dear Lord,

I recognize that I have been very foolish with money. I have not taken time to think clearly when it comes to my financial well-being and the financial needs of my family. Yet, I know you know my heart Lord. You know that despite my foolishness in the past, my current strain is rooted in my deep and unconditional love for my family and more specifically my daughter. You designed her uniquely and because of this she has required extra care that only her mother could give in these early years. She has come so far in these last two years Lord and for that I am forever thankful. I know that while we struggle financially the rewards have been her progression. However, times have become desperate. I am losing my positive attitude and I cannot think about anything but bills. I want to help others struggling like myself, but I cannot deliver myself from the darkness of my own situation. I have resolved to trust in you Lord. Time and time again you have brought us from the ashes and I pray that in this time that can happen again twenty fold. Help us to overcome this and be able to scream from the mountain how faith, love and prayer can overcome.


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