Prayer for work for brothers

I need prayers for my brother & my borther in law to receive a miracle of getting a well paying job with good benefits. They are hard working young man who are God fearing and derserve a break. May the Lord Almighty open up the windows heaven that their blessing will be more than enough in Jesus’ precious name.

I also pray for my marriage that it holds firms against any hardships and that the bond that binds us together be forever keeps us binded in love & committment. My the Christ be the only third party & mediator.

I also pray that my husband and I keep to God’s statute when rasing our son & more children to come. May the Lord be our guide.

May our home remain forever warm in the Might & Majestic Name of our Lord and Savior who died & bled profusely that we can be saved from any attacks. Amen

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