Prayer for work, faith and finding joy in every day blessings.

by Carmel (Brooklyn, NY)

Dear Lord,

Throughout my life you have always taken great care of me. If I am here today it is by your grace. Today I find myself in the challenging situation of being unemployed. I have been unemployed for 2 years now and my faith is faltering. I pray for you to restore my faith, and strengthen my spirit so I can endure this challenge.

Bless me Lord with the rain of employment so the seeds of my life can grow. I could do some good in my life and the life of my loved ones with gainful employment. Allow me to find a position where I am effective and respected. Let the environment be stress free and one that fosters team work. Let me be responsible and stick to the plan.
While I wait for this job, oh Lord, allow me to see the blessings you put in my life everyday. The food on my plate, the roof over my head, the people around me who love and support me. Let me share my love and myself freely with others to glorify your name.

I thank you for all these blessing oh Lord. I pray that you will bless every one else in my position with a job as well, because you have enough to provide for all your children.
I will use this day to praise your name and be joyful in the knowledge of your love.

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