Prayer for Work and Love

Dear Lord,

Watch over me and guide me to a new job. Recently divorced by my wife, I struggle to find meaning behind it. This affected my mind, spirit and my job. Now i am seeking a new start to turn things around in my life. Forgive me for my sins, failures and shortcomings.

Guide me to become a better father to my two kids…watch over them and protect them. Allow me to remain strong as I struggle both mentally and financially. Guide me with the confidence to say the right things and to do the right things. Pray for me, my two children and my ex wife (who I still love very much) that life can only get better. Pray that my next meeting for employment goes well.

Guide me to make the right decisions not only with work but in life. Pray that my struggles come to end and that I learn from the past to make a better future.

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