Prayer for Withdrawal of Divorce petition by my daughter


My Father, St. Jude, Please pray for us to withdraw the Divorce petition my daughter gave without we parents information. Our daughter think that we are with our Son in law who is not finished his studies and living faraway from her. We know the mental frustration when husband is away from wife not because of her problems.

We parents insist her for the marriage as we saw that he is good in character and his education. But she like a modern boy and not bothered about character or anything. We gave her a time limit, before that he can finish his studies and all. But he cannot. Now she gave the petition blaming him for other things also. May be she had some bad friendship we dont know exactly. Please father he and his mother and we parents are totally upset about her. But if we are angry to her may be she leave us and will stay alone and it is not acceptable to us.

Please father please change her mind and withdraw her petition and stay together with her husband and she can get a good family life and children. Please show me some miracle in this. Only miracle can save her now. Otherwise she is very adamant.

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