prayer for wisdom to make the right decision

by Troy (USA)

Dear Lord I am coming to you a broken hearted man. My life is in crisis as I struggle with the demons of doubt, fear, jealousy and mistrust. My marriage of nearly 28 years has reached a crossroad and I am unsure as to the direction to take. I am in love with someone that I now find I no longer trust. Unanswered questions and answers that don’t make sense have put me on the defensive about our life and future. I am coming to you Lord and ask that you and those reading this prayer somehow help me to find an answer in the next few days to resolve the state of chaos I am in. I am praying that a decision as to which path to take will be shown to me soon as we both can no longer live in this neutral state of emotion. Show me, talk to me and please provide me with no more questions but only an answer to this: do I put the past in the past and trust again moving forward together or is there nothing left and I move on with my life alone and start over? All my life I have tried to walk without allowing you Lord much room to guide me. Today I realize there is no way I can handle this by myself. I beg of you to please take this decision from my mind, instill your will and place it in my heart. Dear Lord in the past you have given those that have asked a sign of your divine will and spirit. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit I am asking for that of you today. All this I pray in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and saviour Amen.

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