Prayer for wisdom and restoration of a relationship

Please help me pray for financial blessings and debt cancellation. I owe so much money, particular because I am a single parent and was not repsonsible with my finances. I pray for wisdom for favour from the people I owe and time for me to pay off these debts. I want to approach my major creditors, particularly EB, IB for settlement, but fear grips me. I pray against that spirit of fear.

I need more business to come my way. Please bring me more customers.

I pray for restoration of my relationship with R. I pray against any form of interference from anyone. Please pray that anyone who is trying to bring confusion between us will be exposed. Please pray that he will contact me and that our relationship will not only be restored, but will be better than it was. That peace, love, open communication, trust and unconditional love with be present in our lives.