Prayer for Wisdom and Light Shines on My Failing Marriage

by Gary (Ireland)

Dear Lord,

I pray that your wisdom and light shines on my failing marriage. I pray that my wife remembers how she feels in her heart about me, and is guided by your almightiness to reconcile and restore our love.

Please heal us both of the pain we have put each other through, so that we will find each other once more. I ask for your forgiveness for the mistakes I have made within the marriage, and whilst we have been separated, and I pray that my wife will forgive too and see that I have been hurting, as much as she has.

I pray that we will rekindle our love, find each other once more, and forever. Please help me to find me again so that I may renter the our marriage stronger than I was before.

I pray we love each other in the way we should, when we re emerge from this painful period of our marriage. Amen

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