Prayer for winning the Lottery

by Zen (Philippines)

Dear God, thank you for always giving us guidance and blessings in our everyday lives. Father God, during this time, me and my family is experiencing a deep financial problem. We have no capital left for our business to run, and its the only source of living for our family. Right now, we have so many debts and we don’t know where to run. All our debts are accumulating, and we know we can’t pay all of these all at once.

Lord God, I pray that You bless us a financial blessing to for us to solve these financial problems. Lord, You are the only One we’ve got. Lord God, please help us in this adversity of our life. And right now, all i think is that the only way to solve these problem is to win the lottery tonight. Just this once Lord God. Please have mercy. Please provide us the financial means for us to breathe again. Please continue to walk with us. Look upon me with Your favor. Help us win the lottery. Thank you for forgiving my sins. May You grant what my heart desires.