Prayer for Williams heart to change

by Miss (Akron, Ohio, Summit)

Lord, I been praying for William to love me the same way that I love him. Each time I pray you’ve answered it, but there is one difficult obstacle in the way and you know what it is. I pray that he has a changed heart and looks at my heart and can see the love that I have for him. Open up his eyes and ears to what need to be seen about this obstacle in that is in the way preventing us to be together. I really like the way he makes me feel, the way he looks at me; I feel confident with him and I can trust him.

I love being emotionally available to him. I love addressing him as my king; the boss. I have never felt this way about any man. I have dreams of him all the time. I just wished that he felt the same about me and I’m praying that he has a changed heart and opens his heart to me. I’m not greedy and just want him because he is a professional, I want him because he is a man with a big heart. Even if he werent a professional, I’d still want him. He does not know that I too am financially wealthy;

I never revealed it to him, but I really want him to share my world with him. In Jesus’ Christ name Amen!