Prayer for wife to understand

by Dinesh (Thailand)

Today i need urgent miracle that my wife understand me. She seems totally changed since the time we have go married. She is behaving very rudely with me when i tried to talk her about expenses. Sometimes i worried because she is not having control over expenses. It is like that I’m feeding all her family and even others while I’m on vacation at Thailand. I work and save each and every penny so that i can have nice vacation with my wife. But she is not caring enough of my expenses. It is being spend like water and it is very difficult for me to earn that much and spend it easily. I work in Qatar and I don’t earn much money also my company has still not decided to raise salary this year. I wish that my wife understand me before spending money. I can not afford to bring much money if she spend like that. I wish that God understand me and give wisdom to my wife. I wish that miracle can change life. There is nothing impossible with God. I wish that God changes heart of my wife. I do not want to strain my relation because of money matter. I just wish that God answer my prayer

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