Prayer for wife to have a baby

by Alex (Germany)

Hello everyone,

It has been three months after my wedding. My wife ‘D’,has been diagonised with failed ovaries and ovarian cancer. Doctors have advised us that having children is not possible.

Also, my wife and her family did hide the fact that she had only periods twice the year before her wedding. I do no want to lose her but my parents insist that this marriage is void and is talking to different church people. I am confused and cannot make a decision.

I request everyone to pray that my wife who is undergoing chemotherapy to miraculously get her ovaries functioning properly, so that we can lead a family life praising christ.

For her to have a miraculous recovery making her capable of having children
For me to keep her and forgive everything

Thanks in advance for all your prayers. I need them badly.

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  1. GOD is a healer

    GOD is a healer. Continue to have faith and speak life to your wife. Remember Abraham and Sarah. All things are possible through Christ.

  2. Dont Lose hope

    don’t lose hope and don’t lose faith in god, he is always there for us, dont’ give up, god has always a reason for all of this, just like you, we’ve been married for almost 13yrs and now we have a healthy baby boy, i praise him and surrender to him all my heavenly burdens . god have always a reason for everything.

  3. Praying for your wife and guidance for you

    I have just seen your request. I hope that everything is going well. I myself would encourage you to work with your wife-who you obviously love more than yourself or you would not have asked her to be your wife-and try to make the most of your time together. Adding extra stress to her life while she is fighting cancer will not help her heal.

    With that said, I want to remind you that God is forgiving and compassionate but we cannot suppose to know his reasons for what he does. I pray whole heartedly that your wife is on her way to recovery but please remember that God always has a plan. Often we don’t understand what that plan is, sometimes the outcome can seem cruel, it is all part of His plan. God tests us, remember that.

    No matter what happens, love and support your wife and pray to God with all of your heart for guidance in your situation.

    I am praying that she is on her way to recovery. I will add that 2 women that I have known were told they were no longer able to bear children. Each of the women had daughters but no son and desperately wanted a son. They each gave birth to healthy baby boys months after being told they would never have another child. Gods will be done.

  4. baby

    Please pray for us. We want to have a baby. My husband has two children alreay and I haven’t had any yet. We thank you God for the blessing you bestow on us. Amen.

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