Prayer for wife and family

please respected fr./sr. prayer for me, mummy, pappa, my wife smita, brothr vipul,her wife smita,our both child ian,jack.we all need lord bless our body,spirit,home,work,we need peace,joy,love,unity,trust eache other,sp.for my wife,we suffering a lot,no body with us,my wife want freedom-she can not like me,mummy,pappa,brother all our relative,i am mental depress,mental broken,by wife,job,neighbour.i can not pray with peace,we are sinner,pray for us and wife,my marriage borken child,mummy,pappa,brother family all we are disturb my my wife,pray for us urgent.pray daily.ask lord jesus love heart come to our heart,body,soul,spirit and home.we need financial better,we need helth,we live in jesus and die in jesus.please.

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