Prayer for when life gets you down

St. Jude

I ask of you that my money troubles would be a thing of the past, & that i never again have to worry about money.Im afraid to be cheeky & ask if the lotto is out of reach.. that those that bully me at work are treated the same as they treated me, that my friends that i thought were my friends and turned out not to be my friends are also teated as they treated me.

Keep my pet cat safe, she is all i have as when i go home in the evenings & am alone shes the rock that there to greet me, she doesnt want to bully me, she wants my attention & my love, im good enough for her. My smoking gets me down & i get depressed that i cant stop & I worry about my help, please help me to stop smoking & never let me look back. I know im asking & asking here but is there any change that i may have the joy of finding love just like all those around me, i know im not very pretty but it would be nice to feel loved & not a victim always.

May my feeelings of sadness leave me, maybe im not right to ask that the people that treat me bad are punished maybe i should try forgive them that way i can move on whichever way please guide me in the right way God to happiness, peace of mind, joy & riches..

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