Prayer for weight loss

by Becky (Canada)

I am very unhappy with myself and my weight.

Have yo-yo’d through so many diets and failed each one plus went through a gastric sleeve operation to help with weight loss and even failed at that.
I struggle to keep fixed on God for help and guidance just like trying to loose weight. Im sick of failing, Im sick of being over weight, obese, fat, ugly and more so defeated.
I have no will power or desire to exercise. Im addictied to sweets, junk food, fast foods. Basically all the wrong foods that have gotten me where I am today, miserable unhappy unloving or caring about myself.
I need to loose 80 pounds to be at a point to where I can go for surgery to remove and tuck away the large amount of excess tummy fat I have.
I need Gods help, I beg for Gods help! I can not do it on my own.
Please please please I cry, I beg for your help Lord, for prayers to lift me up when I have fallen in defeat and struggle for to long.
Thank You

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