Prayer for Weight Loss and Fertility

by KG (California)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please forgive me for all this sins i’ve ever done or even thought of. Please forgive my family for all their sins as well. I am praying to you to help and guide me to lose weight so I can become pregnant. I’m praying for your help and guidance to get me where I need to be to to become healthier to carry a child successfully. Please Heavenly father bless me with another happy, healthy pregnancy and happy, healthy child that I so dearly want. I am begging you for no fertility problems or pregnancy problems. I am truly blessed beyond words to have one child, my little girl. I pray for her to have a sibling to grow up with and enjoy life with, as i have done with my siblings. I pray that nothing myself or my husband has done in the past will get in our way of having another baby. Please help me, God!

I also ask you to please help those who are trying to conceive and who have fertility issues, have a happy healthy pregnancy and child as well. I wish upon no one to ever have fertility issues!

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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