Prayer for Wealth and Health

by Deidre (USA)

Dear Heavenly Father,

On bended knees and a humble heart, I stretch my hands to thee. No other can help me like you. I need for you to relieve me of these financial burdens that are brought before me. I need a finanical blessing. I have been foolish in the past. I ask that you provide me with a finanicial blessing to pay these debtors and relieve me of this stress. I need you to guide me in the path toward paying my debtors and once you have, help me to remain debt free. I need and want you to walk with me everyday so that I have the strength to climb this mountain so that one day I will be with you in Heaven and your son, Jesus. Give me the needed health to remain here on earth until YOU call me home. Continue to bless and keep my family from harm. I ask these blessings be bestowd upon me in your name through Jesus Christ.
Your daughter In Christ!

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