prayer for wanting to get my ex girlfriend back

by Nayan (Mumbai)

Dear LORD,

i’m very much sorry for the mistakes I’ve committed during the days i was in a relationship. I’m very much sorry for all those stuffs and lord i want you to help me get my ex back its been a month we haven’t seen each other neither exchanged any texts.

You know lord I’ve promised her that after our marriage I’ll take care of her Parents too along with her as she is the only daughter so even her Parents would need someone to be with them in their old age like mine so, and i even promised her that we’ll buy a house big enough where we all can stay together so that anytime if our Parents need any help we’ll be available to them within a few seconds.

I’ve so much of respect for her and her Parents along with mine please lord help me to get my ex back to me lord please. I beg of you, and you know lord as an atonement I’ve also took permission from an orphanage to teach the students computer basics free of cost which I’m going to start from the next week.

Please help me lord please i literally beg of you lord.