Prayer for Waiting on God to allow me a relationship with my daughter


I ask that you pray for me that God grant me a relationship with my daughter Britt. I’ve grown wiser and although I could self-will a situation, I’ve learned those wishes are only temporary but so many of us do to get our own way or feel we’re in control.

I want GOD’s blessing and I’m trying very hard to be patient even though I’ve been praying for 4 years now. Patience is sometimes a hard thing to do but the Lord knows best I’ve been taught.
I pray that GOD reaches out to all the adults and softens their hearts and that Love prevails. As my daughter use to say to me,”I love that I have such a big family and so many people love me.” What a beautiful heartfelt saying that only an angel of GOD would be capable of saying and feeling.

It’s only when we grow up into adults that we often lose that precious side of ourselves. Children are precious gifts from GOD and they love unconditionally and see the goodness in most everything.

I pray that GOD will open that door and let me participate in her life and be there as supportive, loving individual for her as she grows up.

They say that many prayers help, so I ask for yours.

Thank you and God bless.

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