prayer for victory over finance difficulty

by Milicent (Loganville GA)

Dear God, I would like to first like to thank you for my blessings that I have already received so far and the many to come. But God I really need you now. My family and I are going through a very rough time. It seems as if our finances are under attack from all angles.

The burden is too great. I am praying that you stay with us and help us remove this mountain of debt and lack and live the lives we deserve to live. The lives I know you want us to live. Please God bless our family business eith the ways and means to clear past due bills and start new to thrive successfully. Bless us with good health so we can do your will.

Bless me Lord because for thefirst time as a single mother of a beautiful 17 year old daughter from day one, I am struggling to provide for her needs. Please stay with me because with you by my side I know I will overcome this difficult time. I am asking for people to pray in agreement for this special blessing for us.Thank you Jesus! Amen.

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