Prayer for us

Dear God, I pray to you that you forgive me for all he things I’ve done wrong and all my stupid mistakes. I pray that you reunite me and my ex. I love him more than anything, I feel as if he killed me. I pray that wherever he is that he still loves me and that I’m on his heart and he thinks about me like I think about him. I feel as if I could cry all day and it wouldn’t feel this void in my soul. I can’t live without him and I don’t want to. I feel like he’s the biggest blessing I’ve ever received and yes I made mistakes but so did he. I need you to hear me, wherever you are. I pray that you see how much pain feels my heart, the way it weighs heavy on my soul. I feel like I lost a part of myself and how am I supposed to watch him with someone else. I’ve stuck by him and was loyal through everything and I pray to you that he realizes that and that it means something to him. God, I can’t lose him. God I pray to you that you bring him back to me that you make all these other girls go away. I pray that he gives me another chance and that he still has faith in us, that he sees in me what he was interested in when we first got together. I love him more than life itself and to lose him would be the greatest loss. God I pray that you protect him and that you help him to see who’s been here all along and how he’s hurt me. I pray that we finally get a chance to talk about the way we feel and that he still loves me and has feelings for me too. God I’d do anything to be with him, give anything, just show me what to do. I’m forever at your mercy and I need you, I need you to hear me, lead me. God please don’t let him give up on us, I pray that he’s interested again and that no other girl takes my place. Amen.

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