Prayer for US and others

by Bobby ()

We Praise God and Glorify His Holy Name. We thank God for all of the answered prayers, for His Grace, Mercy, Provision, and Protection. We thank God for all He is doing in this United States to try to bring us back to Him. We ask that God to continue to look after us, guide us. Show us how we can be His hands and feet in this troubled world. God bring about truth, honesty, and justice. God Lead us. Give us direction; open our eyes and ears to hear you. Christians cannot just be bi-standers or sit on the bleachers; it is time to be active, Show each of us our role and how to get involved.
God we lift up the HR1 and other Presidential and constitutional items that are unconstitutional and removing, reducing, eliminating our freedom of speech, religious freedoms, protections, second amendment rights, our ability to be a country of opportunity. Take away this entitlement attitude and reparations (very few people’s families owned slaves; majority of Americans did not. Majority of American families historically worked hard, struggled.) We pray for honest-ethical elections and the truth is known reference elections – whatever that is.
God we lift up Cancel Culture and all of those that support these efforts father God. Deliver us from this adverse group. We pray for the salvation of their hearts and souls. Counter their efforts father God. We pray for protection over the companies and people that are being targeted. Deliver them, protect them. Father we pray to cease from promoting and teaching these things in our schools.
We pray for our leaders to get back right with God and to get away from private agendas and this evil that is taking over the United States and be actual representatives of the people. What is happening now is definitely not voting and supporting the people of this United States.
We seek you God in this United States and with those that Govern Us. We pray for the President, Vice President, President Trump, VP Pence, Both Biden and Trump Administrations, for congress, Supreme Court, judges to quit being hypocritical, corrupt, deceitful motives, agendas, actions and help them to support the constitution of the US and the Bible & its biblical principles. Quit supporting KKK, BLM and rioting for 2020 & 2021 and racial, religious and other discriminations (political afficilation, female/male biological, etc.). Treatment of rioters whether capital or BLM destroying cities and other government buildings should be same not biased!!! Protect our Church and religious freedoms, our freedom of speech. Hold all those financially and in other ways supporting the rioting, terrorism, destruction of property and lives be held accountable and repay for the mass destructions of our cities, communities, lives – regardless of party affiliations. Quit the biased agendas, censorship, hate agendas. Hear and seek evidence, honesty and integrity by all and let the we the people see the evidence. Deliver us from the biased media and non-truths and supporting agendas – pray they get back to facts and let the people decide truths. Pray for those in political offices, media and others that have been “bought out”, “corrupt”, “loss of ethics/integrity” are found out and held accountable for their actions (does not matter political party affiliation.)
Pray God’s people do not cease from praying and fasting and falling on our knees before you Father God. Pray for Jesus and your intervention and help. We need it more than ever. Prayer for churches to get back on their knees and have regular prayer meetings, daily prayer, calls for salvation & preach salvation. Pray the church get back to church and in community. Prayer for revival in this nation and a turning back to God.
Father we pray for reversal of laws that allow boys into girl’s bathrooms and boys to play in girls’ sports. We pray for protection over our children.
Father we pray for protection over second amendment rights.
Father please opens the minds of the people to want truth and have them seek truth. Don’t have people just believe what comes thru media, Facebook, news media and other without seeking truth, facts. Have your people and the masses turn away from the exaggerated, non-truths, exploitation. Current text books, college brain washing, news media brain washing Missives 40 +/- and under have challenge even being open to other truths, facts or information. Open their eyes. Youth in middle school and high school believe you can choose your sexual orientation or “try on” alternate sex and the woke agenda and rewriting history/destroying history/ignoring history (which will lead to people repeating serious issues in past). And so many other topics. Let the lies, deceit, misrepresentations be made known and hold people accountable regardless of party affiliations. Equal justice, truth about illegal acts including Epstein, Einstein, Biden’s. Have their be some accountability. Can’t keep talking about things and nothing ever be done. Seek Truth, Speak Truth, Act on Truth, and Hold People in Government accountable.
We pray for removal and breaking up of those Medias that are far left and do not speak truth and present all sides to story or censoring – Facebooks, You Tube, and others. Bring down this evil. Pray for people to open their eyes to fake, false, partial truth news media sources and shut them off. Pray for people to quit watching movies, TV programs and other that support the liberal agendas including pedophilia, eliminating he/she/mom/dad, hate white agendas, hate agendas, removal of religion and faith, etc. Stop it do not support it!
Continued prayer for this nation and prayer for massive revivals in this nation. People to find God is the way, their hope and destroy/turn away from this entire fear agenda, hate agenda, drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, pedofiling, etc. Open eyes they may see God, feel God’s presence, Hear God. Pray God overcome this evil element taking hold in this nation.
Prayer for God’s intervention to eliminate the persecution of the church US and in other Countries even more so now. God is still in control.
Pray, Pray, Pray for us not to be defunding police and allowing criminal actions/crime. Pray for Police Reform and for those police that are inappropriately harassing individuals or performing illegal acts to be held accountable. Pray for amount of hours individuals work, proper training. What are underlying issues? And on other side, what can be done to reduce the amount of black crime…without reverse discrimination or giving favor to one sector of God’s people without consideration to other’s living in similar conditions/situations (which is what is trying to happen in some cases). Inner City schools, Job Training skills, Birth Control, Drug/Alcohol programs & rehab, Inner city programs to keep children off drugs, assist with tutoring, big brother/big sister programs…..what are the key issues for blacks and other minorities (Indians, white, Chinese, etc.) that are struggling. (Cost of education is TOOO high, look into why and looks at ways to reduce the cost of education but retain quality). Pray if God’s will for parents to be able to select schools their children attend – for school choice. Monies for education to be allowed to be spent for parent to choose private school, government school, Christian schools, etc.
Everyone can play a part in changing what media is watched, listened to by not watching news, TV programs, movies and other that portray hate, violence, sex, political agenda, and witchcraft, satanic, other. Pray we – the people of this nation – turn away from the liberal news media/TV/Movie/Sports/Actress/Actresses/Sports figures and those driving biased and non-factual information as well as very liberal agenda and value systems. Pray for the truth to prevail and people of this nation to turn away from videos, games, cartoons, movies, and other activities that promote Satanism, witch-craft, hatred, violence, killings, leftist views & hate agendas. God bring your people to their knees and into each of our prayer closets. Pray for Christians to get off the media platforms that are censoring and loss of freedom of speech including CNN, Facebook, and Twitter – quit supporting these groups. Quit watching movies where they are mandatorily ensuring every movies or to show has gays, transsexuals, etc. Loss of people getting roles for skill and now get roles because of “sexual preferences”???
Prayer for Our Nation, Our country and all of those in leadership over us. There is none that is perfect as the only perfect human being was Jesus Christ but Father God it appears our nation has become very corrupt, leftist, and ungodly. Father forgive them/us. We pray and claim salvation of the leaders that are not saved (Federal, State, and Local including School Boards, School Administration, Teachers, police, military). We pray Father God that you put Christians into these offices and turn around this nation. Father gives them wisdom, knowledge. Lead, Guide and direct them. Claim it; God can do abundantly great things above and beyond anything that we can do.
Pray for people and families impacted for the virus (those with the illness and those that have lost jobs due to business closures and for the business, business owners, those with depression/anxiety, those suffering from hostile, abusive home environments, those that have become homeless, for the people impacted by the increase in suicides and drug/alcohol related deaths and overdoses, children suffering that are unable to be properly educated and all the many other). Pray for wisdom to leaders, medical facilities as they manage the spread of the diseases and to quit using this as “political agenda”. Pray the news media & political agendas cease from condemnation, ridicule, hate, negative agendas and join the team in finding ways to address this is uncharted territories. Use facts and all facts not biased facts or political agenda facts. Become unified in lieu of political!!! Praise God the majority of people testing positive for Covid have no or limited impact from Coronavirus and we know COVID can be a cold. Stop the massive fear! Stop the daily fear (more people are dying of other illnesses) – people need to be aware but not fed minute, daily. Obviously respiratory side effects for about 20% of population, respirators and equipment availability we pray for accessibility/availability & hospital rooms. There are no perfect answers or Cinderella stories, no matter what decisions are made, there are consequences both sides. With what is happening we see increase in suicides, increase in drug/alcohol issues, increase in deaths by other causes, increase in mental illness, increase in hatred/anger/fear, increase in domestic abuse (physical and mental) and other. We see loss of jobs, loss of businesses. It is not just counting covid deaths – it is weighing overall impact on the nation and in lieu of not reporting incidents related to COVID vaccine government asks companies not to report and it is “self reporting” total opposite of COVID reporting (or miss reporting/over reporting). Pray for recoveries to the US and worldwide economies Prayer for healing over the US, this nation and that you draw people together. Please keep the retail, grocery store workers, truckers, medical facilities and others that are working during this challenging time safe and virus free. Prayer for protection over Gods church (which is the people not the buildings) strengthens our faith. Help the church to strengthen and grow and where Christian can get back into community – to do so. Don’t allow the government, devil to separate church and isolate into homes. Protect our Church families, our congregations, family, and friends. Place your shield over us Father God. Pray the churches in CA and in other areas of the country being persecuted and the recent Iowa church situation. Protect the Church God. Thank God for His Protection, Provision over His People during this time. God please continue to be with us.
Pray for the national debt and those with state debts that are out of control and too high (including CA and NY) and this gets under control. Pray for leadership at all levels of government to begin treating the government debt like it is personal and get it under control, reduction in lieu of the contact increase in debt. US are headed toward major financial challenges. God help us! Pray for opening of the eyes of the people of this nation to understand everything is not free and it is not up to the government to provide for everything, every situation…there is no pot of Gold in Washington & that the US is borrowing monies from other countries and understand ramifications. Also when people do not work and businesses are closed, the US does not have adequate funding!!!!! People that can need to work (safely). People that have financial means need to help support, provide for “needs” without enabling. Google national debt and google who the US owes the monies to. What is the current financial situation of those countries & what are the abilities of those countries to continue to lend to US based upon US believing they are owed everything. Are we getting close to Doomsday for the US due to uncontrollable debt? Time to get in check, what we really need. What should the government really fund? Reduce government control and get the lives of the people back in hands of the people & people being accountable for trying their best for their homes and families. GOD HELP US before it is too late. What happens if these countries call in their debt? How does the debt impact political decisions and others. WAKE UP AMERICA
Pray over Biden’s proposed tax plan and info structure plans and other… and the impact on the citizens and businesses of this nation. God protect the worker from being over-taxed. Fairness in tax. Less government control. Government not providing for the people but providing a place where people have opportunity to succeed and work. Government help provide support education, training, shop classes in high schools. Get communities involved in drug/alcohol programs.
Look at programs for ALL lower income people and communities where a lot of gang violence, drop out of high school, low income/impoverished areas – not just black but ALLLLLL,,,, educational programs, job skill programs, drug rehab programs, community programs to break the gang/violence etc. Not programs to “enable” or to “hand out monies” but programs to give the opportunity for individuals to make choices to improve their and their families live.
Pray about the health care. Biden wants to give to illegals. It is not for lack of concern over illegals or others ability to have health care but when the citizens of this United States cannot afford and do not have healthcare – especially during current times and loss of jobs, loss of businesses, loss of homes – first priority should be to our Citizens. And God help influx of people into US for free healthcare and then who is paying for it!!! God help us.
Pray about US giving housing to illegals but allowing US citizens, veterans, sr citizens be homeless on streets.
Pray about US wanting illegals to vote (God help us –what other country with any sanity would do this?)
Pray for God’s immediate urgent intervention in what is being taught in our schools – preschool thru college. God help – how did it get this far. GET PEOPLE INVOLVED AND NOW. Get Christians involved in review of text books, teaching programs, get on school boards. NOW Pray God including Christian Prayer, Christian Clubs, and Christian courses to be present & alive in our schools, college campuses and to lift up Christians to get involved with these groups as leaders, teachers, mentors, prayer warriors & financial resources to reach these children. Pray for Christian courses to be offered and children & Parents Hearts are moved to have masses enrolled in these classes and for the young’s heart/minds to be open to God. Praise God for the ministries that are getting engaged in the youth of this nation & for the ministries offering bible studies to reach the youth and teach about God. And campus Crusades like in the Billy Graham days. God bring for the right people/finances. Pray for them to stay the course. Praise God for drawing out Christian teachers into our schools – Our Christian Teachers that are called – God please bless them, help them, lead them, provide for them, protect them. Give them the words, actions, resources. May each of our children, youth, and young adults be filled with God? May we see revivals and turning to God in our schools. Bring forth prayer warriors to hourly pray for the Christian teachers, Christian administrators, Christian student’s protection, peace, help, guidance, strength and for their ability to set the right examples “in spite of it all”!! May Christian Children set examples and mentor the unsaved. Pray for God to get the truth about the bible, God & other to these children and may they come to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray for schools to teach the bible and biblical principles. This is massive mission field today. Prayer for massive revivals to take place like in Billy Graham’s youth/younger years. Let Bible Study groups grow on college campuses, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools. Let’s see our youth on fire for God. On same note – PRAY for those leaders in authority over schools that are allowing Gay rights clubs but not allowing Christian clubs/groups. God bring those administrators, leaders, teachers to their knees and have them repent and make things right.
Pray for Republican groups and agendas to be allowed on campuses without persecution and allowed equal to what is allowed to Leftest. Let Republican and others speak at graduations and events same as leftist. Present both perspectives and ideally a God perspective.
Pray for the salvation of all the unsaved Politicians, News Media, Actors/Actresses, Owners of media (all)Other –Pray for God to close their mouths from the negativity, lies, deceit, condemnation, hate agendas, socialism agendas, promoting sex & abortion, portrayal of liberal agendas and for them to be accountable. Pray that the politician, tv personalities, actor/actresses, athlete encouraging negative treatment/hate for people not voting for Biden or Liberal Agendas be held accountable and be removed from their positions. They need to be setting a proper example in America and that should not be spreading, setting example of hate, non-acceptance of other based upon any criteria – race, religion, sex, political affiliation!!!!) May the lies and deceit be brought to light…awaken this nation. Pray for a new honest, truthful news media station (radio and TV) some place we can trust. Prayer for salvation for those that are not saved including Obamas, Clintons, and Oprah. Nancy Pelosi and others associated with the same agendas (including hate agendas)/misleading peoples/information for their own agendas & Muslims in government, educational, community, media jobs.
Pray God for protection over the proposed court packing of Supreme Court. God we need your help and intervention. Prayer for your continued leading, guidance to the courts to generate decisions based upon God’s word and the constitution. Pray for continued support for the unborn child. Pray for Gods continued intervention and a changing of the liberal hearts/minds where they find it acceptable to kill unborn children “. Prayer for protection over our religious freedom. Pray for our society and schools to not teach the new sex agenda, eliminate history, teaching of BLM (terrorist organization which would be the same as teaching KKK). Prayer for protection over students and employees that stand for Christ and also for those that is (republican due to current hate in society). Pray over CA and their recent legislation that has fewer penalties for same sex to have sex with minors!! God help turn over this decision. Pray for removal of any and all laws to encourage pedophilia or less consequences if “same sex” issue versus “male – female” sex act. Consequences should be same and God help pedophilia should be a serious crime not a minor crime.
God’s deliverance and help reference the teaching of our country and world history. Pray for cessation of removal and destruction of national monuments and removal of statues, names. Let us learn from our past and move forward in love, honesty, intelligently. Learn from errors of the past so we do not make the same mistakes in the future. All lives are important, All history is important – show it all proper respect. IN lieu of destruction – work on how we can continue to improve, move forward in Godly direction. God help people present slavery worldwide and in the US for what it was and that also a very small % of the population at that time owned slaves. Slavery illegal in North and primarily plantation owners owned slaves. It was legal at that time but praise God the institution was eliminated.
A lot of progress has been made; let’s continue to make progress with God’s help, direction.
Pray and lift up the Christians that are in politics, media, actors/actresses/athletes and other in public attention and they are able to stand strong in their faith in spite of all the harassment, persecution, injustices. God protect them, guide them, lead them, and direct them & help them stand strong in their faith.
Protect our children as they go to school. Protect them against the teachings of “this world”. Protect their faith. Let them be a light shining in this environment. Send heavenly agents to walk with them, listen with them, protect them, and guide them. Be with children high school and college – help them to guard their hearts when they do not know what to do or how to do it. Put a wall around them. Protect them from college professors that promote secularism. Send your angels to protect them from the influence of a dark, dismal world. Lock up professor’s mouth from teaching the things of this world, secularism, demonism, non-Christian faith, liberalism, bias, hate agendas, other. We come before you with boldness, faith and pray for our offspring who have lost their way. We claim their lives for you father God. Save them, heal them; direct their paths Father God… CEASE CHILDREN from watching all of the on line videos, TV shows, Media that is being put out today and programming children’s minds. Let families get away from the TV and get family engaged in family activities, games, and community efforts, volunteer with homeless, veterans, and elderly. Get back to engaging with family of all generations & have family dinners and actually talk to each other and be part of each other’s lives. Parents set right example and cease watching these TV shows that promote sexuality, hate, violence, non-Christian values – help them understand this impacting their thought pattern and decisions on what is “acceptable” and it is doing the same to their family/friends. QUIT letting the TV/FILMS run this country and value systems in this country and us pretending those that act in these items have greater say or value than the person watching them. Stand up and make a difference.
Pray for God’s direction reference wall and those legitimately seeking asylum. Protect our nation from those who may enter illegally to seek, destroy. Give wisdom, knowledge, discernment to our leaders. Pray for Illegals not to be able to vote for elections in this country. Only US citizens (including dead should not be able to successfully vote nor illegals) Pray God’s leading. Help with many decisions regarding this topic that needs to be made.
Prayer for students in our elementary schools, Jr high, high schools, colleges to cease the bullying, hatred. Serious issues today with online bullying and other issues that are causing big issues emotionally for our children. Help each student to set a positive example and to show love, respect. Pray teachers, administrators, volunteers set the right examples of love, support, encouragement, acceptance of all. Pray for students to step out in love, compassion to the new child, the outsider child, the under privileged child, students in class room, lunchroom, activity/programs. Help them to be open to various opinions & objectives and quit being so focused on me and their personal agendas. With this said – help them to stay strong in their faith & that there is one God and to stand strong against all the “new sex ed, many sexes”, and other liberal agendas (stay strong but not be hateful, persecute others for their beliefs but to pray for their fellow students and mentor them in God’s ways). Pray they can over-come the enemy and cause them to look to God. Prayer for protection, peace. Christ back into the schools. Pray for bibles, bible studies, prayers to be accepted within the schools. Pray they do not fall under prey for the liberal agendas and teachings but to be opening minded and seek truth. Pray for Parents and adults to teach children to respect, love and treat others properly – first of all by example and secondly by being a Parent or person in authority.
Get children off the ipads, iphones, media and bullying that is occurring on these. Get children and families off the televisions and movies that are promoting non-Christian values, hatred, murder, hate crimes, immoral activities (in words, actions, dress, etc.) Get children interacting with family (at meals, in games, in activities that “give lives away & help others”, into education, other programs that require human interactions. Get children back out playing in lieu of on computers, ipads, iphones etc. Get children and parents and families off the television and computers. Quit watching, listening to these programs that are developed by the evil one and promote sex and other agendas. What we listen to watch gets infiltrated into our minds and gains acceptance & TRAINS OUR CHILDREN. Even Children’s Cartoons have bad content today! BE AWARE, MAKE CHANGES. Get children and parents and siblings and families back to talking to each other in person, helping each other, encouraging each other, loving each other. Get parents to quit giving everything to children and quit having all children as winners – get back to where children earn allowances or mow lawn or babysit or do some good task to earn allowances they can then save and/or spend on items they want. Teach value systems. Everyone is not owed everything…things are earned and we are responsible for earning our things. Quit enabling adults/children but know when proper to help and when possible and person physically able, “earn” assistance, task etc. Not meaning to not help those who have sincere need due to loss of job, loss of health insurance, loss of health or having medical issues – you know and we know the difference and pray if we do not, God lays in all of our hearts the difference.
Removal of teachers/administrators from schools who promote liberal biased political agendas and non-Christian beliefs, sexual promiscuity, sex end programs where the youth are now questioning whether they are meant to be with same sex or if they are bi sexual or gay/lesbian in lieu of acceptance of being a girl or a boy and sexual attractions to same sex – it is not just accepting of people that have chosen another life style but encouraging youth to “try” other! (God Help) & even more so God help and pray for parents that are encouraging children to test grounds of being bisexual or lesbian/gay in lieu of accepting orientation god gave them & the other being minor exception, abortions being acceptable form of birth control, political agendas, deviation or removal of Christianity from schools, abortion, etc. Removal of all the teachers/administrators/elected officials that promote Islam, Muslim, terrorist activities. Removal of teachers that are threatening children’s academic performance for Christian Faith or because they or their family are supporting trump or they refuse BLM (terrorist organization and has not done anything for blacks). PRAY FOR PEOPLE TO GET INVOLVED WITH WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT IN OUR SCHOOLS – NEEDS REVIEW AND NOW, NOT LATER. Action!!!
Prayer for the NFL, Athletes that represent the US (supposedly) and other such organizations to put God First and to show proper respect for the United States, Flag, National anthem and those in authority over this nation. Show proper respect. IF they are not doing this – standing as a US citizen and have ability to wave our flag, wear the flag, stand for the national anthem and support the country, let them go to the country they can support and perform athletics and other for that country. We are the US. IF they can’t stand for the US, then do not represent our country. , then they should not represent the United States or a team in the United States (whether JR High, High School, College, NFL or Olympics, other. Quick funding, quit attending, quit watching on tv and/or other sources…quit supporting entirely.
Get the NFL, actor, actresses, (Including Oprah, Obamas, Clintons, Biden’s) and other similar groups involved in Chicago, other cities and communities , the Youth, and activities that aid in helping under-privileged, drug addicts, gangs, un-employed, un-educated or under-educated adults, veterans, homeless, single parents that are working & trying to make it, others over-come obstacles , etc. Let them be a positive influence in communities nationwide and worldwide. Set the right examples. Not “enable” but to help make them responsible, law abiding, and citizens. Do Not Enable – provide all this free stuff. Help them to learn, earn and take responsibility for their and their family’s lives. Provide opportunities to get skill sets, education, jobs – but let them be at least partially responsible for education and other and not be free and “someone else’s expense”. Let their “ACTIONS and LIVES, BANK ACCOUNT TRANSACTIONS SPEAK” thru examples & where their true heart and passion is. LET THEM CEASE FROM DRUGS, ALCOHOL, MIS-TREATMENT OF WOMEN, PEOPLE. Let them “SET EXAMPLES”. GET ENGAGED IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Let them be positive examples-big brothers-big sisters-mentors. Pray that news media does not support the agendas of raising fists, kneeling and showing other disrespect. Pray for them to gain attention for setting up scholastic programs, college tuition assistance programs, assistance with day care expenses so people can and do work to take responsibility for their lives, their expenses, set up educational/drug programs, set up half way houses for those trying to overcome addictions, help clean up bad neighborhoods, pay for tutoring and other programs to help underprivileged children, pay for Christian programs to be placed in the center of bad neighborhoods and for God to provide the staffing/people to reach out and PRAY PRAY PRAY for the communities, Pay to start companies in areas where people need jobs (again so people are not enabled to stay in government programs and assistance but take responsibility for their lives, their finances), and other. PRAY PRAY PRAY – God will show directions & the way.
Pray for people to cease watching the NFL football and other sports events that do not allow GOD nor support of National Anthem/US and engage in local school, college football to set the proper example and disallow & not support the negative actions/agendas. Do not support athletic – whether or Olympic or other that show disrespect for the President, this Nation or ask them to move to a country they do support. Remove individuals from US Olympic teams (that represent the US) and other such groups that do not speak highly and support the US. If they do not support the US – then they should leave and go to Olympics representing a country they can support. PRAY for this US Soccer Team – Salvation & for there to support the US and show proper respect to the President and to those in authority over us. IF you cannot stand for the US Flag and National Anthem, pray individuals do not represent the United States of America. They are not representing the country are they??!!!
Pray for people to cease watching TV stations/programs/movies that cut out the national anthem, flag, US pins & show lack of support for this country and for God. Cease watching programs that are hate filled, pornography, racist, demon/devil/satin worship/witchcraft, hate filled – quit supporting the play rights/actors/actresses in these godless agendas. Pray for an awakening in this nation before it is too late. PRAY NEWS MEDIA AND OTHERS GET INVOLVED AND ENGAGED WITH COMMUNITIES, ISSUES AND TRY TO ADDRESS THE UNDERLYING ISSUES IN LIEU OF HATE/POLITICAL AGENDAS and seek honest truth. Each one of them can make a difference! To not “enable children/adults to be disrespectful, hateful, bullies, non-educated, non-income coproducing citizens but to work with them to stop hatred bullying, gangs, drugs, alcohol & educate and become employed dedicated hard working citizens of this nation. Taking responsibility for their actions lives. God open doors to show when/where help is needed. Help them set up scholarship & skills program that give the people skills to make a living & reading programs & Christian prayer /classes & work programs for under-privileged youth and families & to get involved in parents commitment to their children, get involved in establishing safe/subsidized day cares for families to enable them to work, open businesses in areas where there are not a lot of opportunities to enable people to work, themselves get off drug/alcohol additions and help others to do the same, to show respect to others & set examples. Help them set up proper examples by not using all the foul mouth, the sex, drugs, hate, bullying. Let their mouth and money be put to good use & to help create jobs, work opportunities, scholarships (based upon certain criteria with race not being one of them – equal opportunity to black, Chinese, Mexican, white etc. impoverished) Try not to “enable people” but to give opportunities. We have to stop this mentality of people thing they are owed everything and get back to you work and earn living & you are responsible to support your family. Everyone does not win trophy’s. Don’t “enable people to stay in poverty or feel as though they deserve what others have earned or are entitled” but to help give opportunities – learning, on the job training skills to enable them to work and be accountable for their lives including financially. PRAISE GOD for some of the recent acts of kindness IE person paying for 1000 children of fallen solder to Disney, person paying off student debt for kids getting out of school, child setting up fund/raising monies to buy bullet proof vests for police, etc. Get back where individuals have responsibility for their lives and not believe they are “entitled” and to truly appreciate when someone “helps” them. God give us knowledge, wisdom and when we are helping, when we are enabling and how we might help the individuals succeed and be responsible for them and their families and their actions.
Pray for people to look at government programs that are “forever” people taking advantage or using various government programs that feel entitled in lieu of becoming self-sufficient and feeling they have primary responsible for taking care of themselves and their family. Individuals to get back to taking responsibility for their lives, their families, their finances, their decisions. Lots of examples in manufacturing plants, retail, other jobs quit or get fired or reduce hours so they stay enabled under government programs in lieu of becoming totally accountable responsible adults Look at how we are enabling society for all the young people getting pregnant and being supported on government program…not taking responsibility for actions and receiving govt supports. Grandparents ending watching children/babies or they are left alone while these young ladies party, etc. and # of abortions! Both parents work or one is illegal, have multiple children don not marry do not claim father tend they all live in same houses – in some cases the woman is working “under the table” and /or getting “tips” that are not claimed – so 3 incomes, the father, the gov’t and the cleaning, hair, waitressing etc. God Help with making the right decisions and help families get back engaged with their families and supporting their families. We need accountability, self-sufficiency. Get back to where people are accountable for their actions, their lives, their financial being in lieu of their feeling they are Owed or they can work part-time, no time and get all these benefits, support systems while those that are trying to be accountable work 2 and 3 jobs to take care of themselves. Where are we really helping? How long do you help someone before they are to take steps to get on their own feet? Not talking about the minor % that is not physically or mentally able. Accountability for decisions and actions one makes. Pray for God’s direction for programs that initially may help but people have to phase off and “work” or “work 2 jobs if needed”. Many of us have had to do that for survival. Or Work and go to school to get skill sets to be able to have a better job and be in a better financial position. Does not have to be doctor, lawyer, can be construction worker, welder, mechanic, other. We all have different gifts.
Prayer For people impacted by mass killings, hurricanes, forest hires, hate crimes and now coronavirus, other Pray for souls to be saved as God works in these situations… Pray for the individuals also committing these crimes and organizations involve in promoting these activities. Pray for their souls and repentance. God Help!
Pray the adults and youth that are impacting by physical illnesses related to vaping. God cure the habit, release them from the need to smoke or vape. Heal their minds and bodies. Prayer for healing and deliverance from those participating in vaping, drugs, alcohol, pornography, violence, and other addictions in this nation. God to heal our nation from vaping, cigarettes, drugs, food addictions and other addictions.
Pray for our senior citizens & veterans & Homeless children/families/people and they get as much respect or greater than illegals. Also, help people understand social security was never meant to be a retirement program, it was a supplement. With that said, medical care, housing, cost of living are high in many areas and pray for their needs to be met.
A lot more homeless now due to COVID. Pray for a program a friend is trying to set up for tent city. Pray for hotel someone just bought to make into homeless facility. Pray for people to get engaged and “not enable” but to “support during challenging time to get back on their feet”.
Prayer for the orphaned and children on the streets be cared for, physical needs be met and their ability to get an education, skill training to succeed. To do without “enabling” as people need to be responsible for their lives and not feel they are owed “by the government”, “by the people”, “by those working”. Where parents are unable to care for children for God to open up doors for loving Christian homes for the children…thus, God to open doors for Foster Parenting. Teach, assist BUT DO NOT ENABLE. Help them becomes law abiding, had working, intelligent people. Life is not free and free of handouts. Have them do something in return for assistance (unless physically unable to or babies)
Prayer for our nation to give preference over citizens of our nation – veterans, senior citizens, homeless children in lieu of illegals. With this said, God show us the right balance, the right way as we do not know the way and what is right.
Prayer for family, friends, current & past co-workers, owners, managers. Neighbors, and those in prayer journal, email/cell phone/facebook contacts that are unsaved and claim their salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. Let them know God has never failed them. Help them to believe that only God can satisfy their deepest longings. Nothing can measure up to God. Be merciful to keep them safe until they come to God. Send a faithful bold witness to them such as Peter and John who could not help but speak to others of all they had seen and heard about Jesus. Lord send messengers like these to our friends and loved ones. Help me/us do our part. Redeem them from the pit they have dug for themselves. May they come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil who took them captive to do his will. May they know God’s love and compassion. May they know that only God can save them because there is no other way to be saved. Save them in name of Jesus. We claim their salvation in the name of Jesus.
Pray for woman of ex coworker that has been in hospital and had pacemaker put in, meds changed. Pray for God to heal, protect, give peace to she and family/support people. Pray for daughter in law of ex coworkers that may have intentionally killed her child (grand child of coworker). Pray she gets the help she needs and one cannot be of right mind and kill their child.COVID has hit a lot of people desparate, filled with anger, range, depressed, anxiety. We do not know the facts but God does. God’s intervention and help. Prayer over Shane and his family. God to open up doors for jobs and for he and family to have ethics, integrity, honesty and open their hearts and minds to God’s love, grace, mercy, forgiveness. Healing. Prayer for a couple specific youth, God knows, to overcome anxiety, depression, mental/emotional challenges, darkness and turn to the light and be saved. Put God’s people support people in their lives. Prayer for current coworker whose son will not be here on earth much longer due to health issues. Prayer for him and the family. Prayer for another current coworker family member challenges and God’s intervention and help. Prayer over owner of a company and God to give her wisdom, discernment and to not make major decisions emotionally.
Prayer for family, friends and those in prayer journal who are struggling with mental, physical, emotional illnesses/challenges as well as those with challenges in work place (which is most people including Christians), loss of jobs, under-employed, struggling financially. Pray God guidance, peace, protects & god’s favor, direction, help, provision, healing… Pray for God’s provision to meet financial needs and God to open doors where jobs are needed and doors for the right medical treatment. May our words and actions are reflective of Him-in our personal lives, work place. The Work place today is a mission field – God lead us, guide us, protect us, send your Holy Spirit so our words and actions will be reflective of Him.
Praise God for the role God has just provided for daughter and for apartment she could financial afford. Praise God for smooth transition into new role and Praise God for looking after her and giving her favor. Pray for God’s continued protection, leading, guidance for Him to put Christian friends and support people into her life. Draw her into the right Christian church/community. Pray for God to open doors for her to meet a Christian soul mate to share life with. God continue to lead her, guide her, and direct her. Pray her financial needs are met. She is thinking she needs second job to meet financial needs, if so, please father God open up a safe place, right place that will provide for the need. Pray for her to open eyes and ears to seek truth and not be misled by the left media/agendas. Pray for strengthening of her faith & salvation for her unsaved friends, coworkers. Praise God for temporary work for me and for God to open up doors for permanent role in his perfect timing. Prayers for unsaved coworkers. Pray for protection, peace, provision, and for us to be God’s example in the workplace.
Pray for myself and others impacted by company permanent and temporary closures, shut downs, layoffs that are on consulting contract/contract labor that are ending or ended early and need employment. God provide for us during these challenging times and open the right doors. Pray God’s protection, His Peace, His Provision, His Guidance. Make our paths clear. Show us the way. God Protect us, help us. Praise God for the open doors and His favor and direction. Pray for smooth transition into new role, favor with bosses/coworkers and others that I come in contact with, God’s blessing, help! God give skill sets required for the new role. Praise God! Pray for Gods Protection, for Positive Team, For Work Life Balance, For Favor & Blessings. We claim it!
Continued prayer for the employees working companies that are struggling right now and that have or are laying off employees or reduce staff/work force or not have monies to pay their employees. Pray for the people and that God will look after them. Pray that God provides the direction and lead the leaders of those companies. Pray for peace, protection over the people and they cease from the anxiety, hate filled words/actions. Pray the employees can quickly find other employment and can transition quickly to other roles. . Pray that God directs their lives. Pray for cessation of the negative gossip and
Prayer for a company, God knows, and for God to lead the owner, direct her and help her with management decisions to ensure business continuation. Open her eyes to truth, direct her path. Pray for her ability to make decisions not based upon knee jerk reactions or emotions at the moment. Help her to know who to be able to trust (as she was negatively impacted by a few people and now wants to treat others based upon this). Help her to value employees. Pray for current vendor situations and ability to purchase and receive materials. Ensure timely and smooth transition to new vendor(s) and quality products. Pray for my role with her and team and that God lead me, give me wisdom, guide me and show me what is needed to be able to be successful in the support of the company and moving it into a new direction in order to avoid liquidation or sale. God help take away the stress and anxiety myself and many others feel right now due to current situation/ongoing situations within the company. God show me of the options present which direction He has laid out for me. Pray for protection over me! Pray over the attrition and what seem to be management’s decisions daily as to whether someone is liked and on favored list or bad and strive to get rid of them. Pray for proper counselling, working with employees, and training. Prayer for the SAP project and that it runs smoothly, is successful. Provide wisdom, knowledge, guidance. Prayer for Audit, Review and Tax work runs monthly and we are able to complete successfully in next couple week. Pray for ability to bring systems, reporting up to speed and to successfully improve and automate processes. Prayer for work life balance to be obtained while accomplishing needed tasks. Prayer for building positive teams that work together and financial success of the company. Prayer over staff wage rates and over ability and availability of new staff to fill open positions particularly in manufacturing. Prayer for my role and if I am to become permanent that God opens the door wide open and makes path clear. Protection, wisdom, guidance, peace, over company management and personnel.
Prayer for God’s favor, peace, provision, deliverance, protection, guidance, help, grace, mercy for myself, sisters, daughter and sister’s families especially in our work places with our bosses, coworkers and others we come in contact with. God to remove all fear, Grant Peace/Protection/Provision/Help Only God can provide. Give us the skill sets we need to succeed. Give us wisdom, knowledge, discernment, peace. May our words and actions be reflective of Christ? Help us be a witness in the work place. We fail daily, please help us. God show us His ways. Send the Holy Spirit to work in and thru us. Pray God gives us favor in working with the owners, managers, employees, and others we come in contact with. Pray for the owners, managers, employees in our current and prior employment to have honesty, integrity, ethics, professionalism, accountability for their actions/errors-omissions/guidance they provide- take responsibility for their actions & guidance they provide & cease pointing fingers & putting people under bus. God help us set boundaries, maintain positive attitude & give us wisdom, knowledge, discernment, skills we need to be able to succeed. Pray for work life balance. The past few months have been very excessive – long days – extremely stressed, stretched (fatigue, exhaustion). Provide resources, knowledge, and wisdom to quickly resolve issues, projects, budgets, personnel issues, financial challenges, audits, and training. Bless us, help us, deliver us, and provide for us. Surround us with God’s guardian angels and Holy Spirit. We need His help minute by minute. Pray for favor over our work, our projects and all of the communications we have with people. We need Gods help! Prayer for the companies we work for & for God’s leading over the company, the employees. God’s will for the companies including diversification of product base, diversification of customer based, supply of vendors to acquire items at reasonable costs, to properly size the company & grow the company. Pray for the companies’ ability to timely pay vendors and employees and to compensate employees for work done. Prayer over the decisions that are made by management of these companies daily, weekly – God’s wisdom, direction, protection, peace.
Lifting up N.A. and please pray for emotional healing. Give her peace. Draw her to your word and to the Christian Community. R.K. prays for emotional healing and peace. Heal her from inside out so that she can come off medications and go back to living normal life. Prayer for Shane and family for their salvation, direction, open doors to “restart life”, guide them, surround them with guardian angels. Prayer for salvation for Makayla and Avery. Put Christian friends into their lives. Draw them into God’s word. Prayer for Wendy and Tracy and families – help them to find peace in current situations and show them how to compromise and get along; pray for salvation and Christian support. Pray for Sandy and supernatural healing; open doors if God’s will for her to retain her job while she complete recovery. Pray for super national healing over her heart and the blood clots. Praise God for Courtney moving away from homosexual relations and pray for God to contoinue to lead her. Pray for “P” and her daughter in challenging abusive situation and for God to open doors for perfect timing for her to move and safety of her and her daughter. Pray for God to protect them, put the right people in their lives to help them physically, mentally, financially.
Prayer for all Christian ministries to be on fire for God and to have active prayer lives. Let churches preach the word of God and have calls for salvation as well as training for new believers & maybe mentors for new believers. Get back to living God’s word 7 days a week and not just on line or in a pew on Sundays. Back a few years ago church services and mid-week prayer services were the norm. Pray we get back into having prayer services in addition to church services & those we engage/pray/worship in community for God’s purpose. God help them not to limit prayer in words, letters, number of prayer submissions, prayer warriors decisions reference prayers but father God let us life up the prayers to you and wait on you to answer and direct us, our actions, our prayers. Open Doors for massive prayer warriors. Let the Christian Church and Online Ministries be on fire for you God! Let the preaching be of God, of the Bible. Holy Spirit work within each of your ministries. Bring your Holy Spirit and set them on Fire. Set the right example. Fill them with your presence. Tear down the “human” walls. Open their minds and hearts to Gods wisdom, guidance, leading. Help all realize one of the greatest gifts God has given us is Prayer. We should prayer without ceasing and pray for all things! God has no limits on prayer and we should not. Get the church back into being a place to Honor God and not just an entertainment venue. God knows the balance and what is right and of Him. Let the Church get on their knees and pray to Him for direction and proper balance. What is important for His Kingdom! And thus, important to us His People.
Prayer for Paul B and his family and the struggles they are currently going thru. Prayer for salvation for his family and they get committed to God, a church community Pray for protection and removal over addictions for his family. As with all of us, we have areas in our life that are not fully aligned with God, there is an area that Paul struggles with and I just ask prayers for Him to overcome this evil in his life and for healing over those impacted by his actions…and all of us , for God to help us to overcome these areas, issues and He would heal us, show us the way, direct our paths. Help us to make the right decisions as sometimes we struggle with moving forward on our own. God’s help and Intervention – I lift these up on behalf of each of (whether it be not being financially accountable, drug or alcohol addictions, closet porn, watching “stuff” on TV that is not Godly and includes nudity, language etc. that we and our families should not be watching, sex before marriage, adultery, not praying, not reading God’s word – whatever each of our situation is), Pray for God’s intervention, help, leading.
Prayer over friend going thru challenging physically abusive situation in home and for daughter that was just physically taken advantage of by the father. Prayer for perfect timing and God’s leading to help them find a safe place to live. They are concerned about the husband/father killing them as they leave. God give them peace, protect them, guide them, and provide for them.
We just praise God for the answered prayers. There are many we have seen over recent weeks and we just are so thankful for the answered prayers, for prayer warriers. Praise God for blessings and miracles associated with these and pray for continued healing. Praises to God.
Pray for God to continue to look after, guide, direct, give favor to my daughter. Let her continue to be a light and let her words and actions be reflective of Christ. Draw her to the right Christian friends, Christian community, Christian churches. Surround her with your guardian angels. Protect her, provide for her, give her wisdom, knowledge, direction according to God’s will. Give her the peace that only God can provide. Surround her with God’s guardian angels and Holy Spirit. May she continue to be a blessing to others and continue to have a heart of God? Pray for God to continue to put Christian friends, support people in her life. God please deliver her from current challenges (God knows). Draw her daily into reading God’s word and prayer. Show her the ways she is able to use her Gifts for God’s Kingdom. Praise God for providing a new job for her. Please pray for acceptance and God give her the ability, skill set she needs to perform well in the role.
Extra prayers for the Salvation of Eli, his family, his friend and Jenn, Jenn’s husband, her family, Sarah, Mike, Courtney, Justin, and friends. God open the doors wide open! Touch hearts and mind in mighty ways. Pray God to surround them with God’s guardian angels and Holy Spirit. Put Christians into their life to lead, guide, and direct them. Pray you fill them with your holy spirit. Prayer for those that are not saved. God please put someone into their lives this week to present the Gospel and have their minds be receptive & be saved or come back into your flock. Pray for God to use Eli’s, Jenn’s and others skills, talent for His Glory. Open the right doors. Guide them, protect them and give them only the peace that God can provide. Heal him from the inside out.
Be with Alexa and her family. Give Alexa Christian Friends and have the girls in her Sunday school class include her in gatherings, birthday parties. Pray for Alexa Parents, my ability to be able to get Alexa to church & support/encourage her. God direct her, lead her, and protect her. Pray for Alexa ability to obtain the help she needs to be successful academically. It has been a challenging year for many. Pray for Alexa’s father’s job and that he is provided job opportunities at good rates so that he can provide for his family.
Pray for our Christian churches, missionaries worldwide – God be with each and every one of them. Protect them, guide them, provide for them, and Lead them. Prayer for strong leaders & Godly people within His churches, missionaries and others.
Pray each of the Christians here in US and World Wide step out of their comfort zone and pray to God for Him to open doors for people lives we can touch – in words, in actions, in deed as He guides. Open doors for Christians to get engaged now in Government, schools, churches, communities. Each one can make a difference.
Holy Spirit to be with & fill each and every Christians in this nation & particularly those in prayer journal and in Christian ministries. Guide His People, Draw His people into reading His Word and Praying to the One True God. Prayer for the financial needs of Christian Churches/Ministries. Draw the right Christians out to be of service to Him in our Govt Offices, Schools, Classrooms, Businesses, Churches, Community. We need God’s people in these roles now. God please open the doors and bring in your people!!! Let our lives reflect Christ. May we have a heart and compassion for others? May we be on fire for God’s will in 2021! May we be drawn to His Word, to living an active prayer life and to being in step with His will. Help us to forgive as He forgives us. Help us have a Heart like His. Open our eyes to see what He wants us to see & do what HE wants us to do. Prayer for revival in this nation and or ally nations. Turn us back to God! Thank God for Prayer warriors!!!! To God Be the Glory!

Praise God for all of the answered prayer, for all of God’s blessings, help, support, healing, provision, guidance.

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