Prayer for Us and for my mom

by Lucy (NEW YORK)

Dear God, please help me im so lost im confused and i dont know what to do..please give strength and guidance to endure this pain…im not sure why he does this he confuses me but please just help keep away and heal …help me be a better person towards my family and friends.Help my mom endure the treatment i know it must not be easy…she doesnt answer my calls please help her with her depression make her see that although we might not show it all her kids love her and want her to get better and feel better…i know my mom hasnt had an easy life but shes still a great person and loving grandma i wish she wouldnt be so sad and she can be happy remind her that she is loved…i know many would be angry at isac for acting this way but my fear of losing him forever outweighs the anger…i love him so much i dont know why we continue down the wrong road he is acting like a person that doesnt care but that day i saw him i believed him diosito i believed that he does love him and that he missed me am i being blind by my own love for him? Please provide him with the peace that he needs and help him if he is lost…i don’t desire anything bad will towards him i want him to be happy…i want us to be happy…diosito you know how happy i would be if isac can finally act right and give me the love we both deserve and have a baby i would be the happiest person in the world but i know thats not how it works right i cant obligate anyone to change if he loves me enough he will but it seems that he doesnt love me enough…please help me accept things and let them go if he isn’t meant for me Please help me leave him for good…but if you we still have a fighting chance please give me a sign..thank you for all that you do for me and my loved ones we are one of the lucky ones…thank you for blessing my family with love and happiness…tell him i love him and that i wish i could sleep with him every night protect him on the road…i love you god…amen

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