Prayer for Us

by Lucy (Bay shore )

Dear God, I come to you tonight with a broken heart asking you to help me heal it. I give you my heart to mend.I need to trust in your timing and let things be. I know in my heart deep within my soul that we love each other but he always runs away and is afraid of committing himself fully to me. I dont know why but i need to let him be for now.Go back home and focus on me and the rest will fall into place.Thats my belief.I believe my love can move mountains and you put this love inside of me for a reason and that he searched for me for a reason.Please let him remember that reason but i wont force it any longer.I will let it be and hope for the best learning to love myself and keeping the faith.I know you love me and i have always been lucky in love and in my life and I’m eternally grateful to you for that reason. Please protect our children and those suffering.please provide food the homeless and shelter.sometimes i feel guilty for asking for too much because i have so much already. But then i think and i know that if you were to bless me with a child i would treasure and protect it with my love.I still want our love to flourish but i wont obligate him to be with me.I want him to be with me at his own will. Please protect him and guide him remind him that i love him every night.Protect my family and friends.i love you Diosito. AMEN

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