Prayer for Us

by Lucy (Bay shore )

Dear God, I come to you tonight with an open heart and grateful for the day that i got to spend with my family. Im thankful for my life and the opportunity i have to take care of my mom although she is being difficult at times i beg for patience because i know she is in pain. You know it’s been a difficult day at times because i haven’t heard from him im not sure why he doesn’t answer my calls don’t know why he is acting this way i wish he wouldnt hurt our love so much i wish he put his fears aside and just be supportive but this is the man you gave me to love…i have loved for 12 years and i will continue to love him even when je hurts me. I just beg you that you help me and change him just a little so he can be my husband and father to my children. I saw that in december that he wanted those things i felt his love and thats why i gave him another chance please remind of the pain we both endured when we werent together. I know he loves me as i love him. Give us a chance to love each other right and have a happy life together. Give us patience and loyalty for one another…i want to go to therapy to seel professional help the issues i have that maybe affecting my relationship. But i still thank you for bringing back into ky life and i got to hear that he loves me and wanted a baby with me.Please make my wishes come true i dont ask for money although we both have jobs that pay well all i ask is for our love to blossom and to be able to conceive to bring a child of our own.In the meantime i will stop calling him and wait for him to contact me so we talk through our issues and make it work.please tell hik that i miss him and that i love him and i cant wait to see his face again. Good night God thank you for hearing my prayers. I LOVE YOU AMEN

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