Prayer for upcoming changes, challenges and responsiblilty up ahead!!! Also for all the blessings that god has given me and my family.

by Gee (Houston ,Texas ,USA)

Dear God,

I would like to ask for forgiveness for all the sins that I have made or created and thank you for always being there for me. Thanks for the unconditional love, support and guidance. I love you with all my heart and soul.

I know that you know what every single individual trials that they are going through. I would like to ask the guidance from you on how to handle th things that I’m am going to embark on doing for the next couple of months …

It will not going to be an easy road to take but I know in my heart that u will help me get through to this I just needed to know that this is what you really want me to do and if there’s any other options may u enlighten me with the answer wether to go on with this review knowing my condition.

I know I made a big mistakes and I am very sorry that has happened and I hope And pray for forgiveness dear lord, you are the only one that can make things right . Amen