prayer for unsuccessful business,healing from obesity,lumbur spondylisis,leg pains,insomnia and failure in school

by Bessie Ditshoto (Botswana,Serowehi)

My God i ask you to break this generational curse in my birth family of failure in business,in school,obesity. No one in my fathers family has been successful, but all our other relatives on my fathers side are successful. Our family has been used as a sacrifice on order that the other relatives prosper.

My God i ask you to break this cycle,i pray for my brother Thomas to find a job overseas and migrate there with his family,i pray for Margaret to get a job and find a husband,i pray for Dorothy to be healed spiritually and finally i ask you to set my business free from this cycle of failure,return my business to its former glory,i ask for healing in my backache,i pray for 65kg weight loss and Peter my son to pass and make something of himself.i pray that Natalie passess with 44 points and get a job as a nurse as well as Meshelle.

i also ask that my relationship with Santana changes and i pray that she succeeds at school.i also ask you to change my husband and bless him.set me free from my enemies and reverse what is happening in my business,health and my family. I pray for a miracle my God!

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