Prayer for understanding and help

Dear god or higher power,I need help at this point in my life-so far i have been blessed and still question if god exists for now.

I try to understand why my father was paralized when he was a good man–maybe iam selfish to ask for help when i know i have so much to be thankful for. Now i see how wasted my life for so long.

I dont want to lose my family and hope its not too late for me.

I am a good person i think and give me the strength to stop my addiction to drugs, help me to find myself and thank you for taking care of my kids and Lila for now.

Thank you to anyone who might say a prayer for me.

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  1. understand

    Thank God 4 give me dis understand .seeing then dat we have a great high priest dat is passed into d heaven,jesus d son of God, let us hold fast our profession..

  2. Hope for You

    God loves you no matter what. You can get through these things he will help you. I will pray that he grant your request.

  3. this to shall pass

    tgit is easiest to reject god in the. hardest time of are life I am only eighteen years old and I feel like my life is over I lost my daughter I am dealing with my fiances addiction and have bad depression and anxiety I know god tells us not to be anxious but it was hard for me to except him when this all happened I was hurt lost confused but I remember that he puts is through these hard times for a reson I pray for you to have understanding in your life and will to over power your addiction and that god can watch over your family and bless you with peace in your life amen

  4. Bless you

    I pray that you find the strength and conviction to battle your drug addiction. I pray that the Lord will bless you and keep you safe, and that He will help you to take comfort in your blessings. May your father be well in the body God has chosen for him. God Bless you.

  5. Hi

    My husband and I were moved by your prayer.

    We are praying that the Lord will help you in your situation.

    When we find our self in hard times we use a service called…hope you find it helpful.

    God bless you.


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