Prayer for Unconditional Love and Safety

by Mary (Philadelphia, PA USA)

Dear Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit and God Almighty,

I have been suffering with emotional instability, depression, alcohol and food addiction for a very long time.

I am desperate for family and friends and to meet the Right Man (my Soul Mate, hand picked just for me from God). I know I am not meant to be alone. Please release all resentment, bitterness, fear and anxiety in my heart, soul and mind.
Protect me and give me a sense of inner peace and confidence. Help me with self discipline. Help me be safe and protect me from my enemies, hatred and evil. Protect my mind and soul and body. Please rid any fear and anxiety that plagues my soul. Free me from evil people. Free me from fearful thoughts.
Give me strength, calm, wisdom and peace.

Please bring me UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Help me to meet the right Man for me to spend my life with asap. Turn my life around to reflect God’s blessings. I don’t want to be lonely anymore. Thank you.

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  1. Be the Person you want God to Send into your Life

    I just read your prayers and was quite moved. You sound like a deep and sensitive person.

    I want to encourage you to be the person that you are seeking. You say you want to have unconditional love in your life. Remember that Like attracts Like; so you must try to emanate unconditional love to others in order to attract it into your own life. You say you want a man chosen by God for you (your Soul Mate). I believe that God has heard your prayers, but I also believe that you must do your part to attract such a person into your life. Whatever virtuous qualities you want in a man, you should also try to develop and emanate those very same qualities so that you will attract him into your life. Be mindful of your thoughts and try to think only positive thoughts. Send unconditional love out to all sentient beings. Please do not give up on yourself because God will never give up on you.

    Sometimes he will allow us to go through some things in order to build our character. He wants us to be humble and not prideful. So I encourage you to keep praying and remain optimistic until God answers your prayers. I send out blessings of light and love to you.

  2. Patience and strength

    I want to encourage you to be patient sister, sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways that we cannot understand but he will always reveal the blessings he has for us in time. I’ve had addictions and relationship worries and have managed to conquer them with the Lords blessings and am still on the journey. Be strong in faith, pray with an honest heart for he feels your pain. He always has a plan, we just need to let him to take control as we take the battles head on. I encourage you to pray and start the process of beating the addiction, ask for strength when the cravings come, take up fulfilling hobbies and work on yourself too as he does on you. I will say a prayer for you and i believe the Lord is already working on you as he heard your prayer. Be patient sister 🙂

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