Prayer for Unanswered Prayers

Good Morning and God Bless to Everyone.

I am in need of a few desperate prayers I pray everyday and do novenas but it seems my prayers are not answered and I need your help. My first prayer is for my family husband, daughter Natalie, Christopher, husband Emilio and myself Maritza we need health, love, and prosperity in all aspect, for our financial and emotional problems, which are many to go away. For good to provide me with a permanent teaching position, I have not been able to have a permanent teaching position in the past 2 1/2 years, and we are filled with bills and debts. We have no savings, owe a lot of money, and my daughter Natalie goes to college in 2 years, and we have no college funds for her career, we have many marital problems due to our financial situation.

I also have a few individuals that are causing a lot of problems, with envy and hate they are causing me problems my doing bad things to me and my family, I need for them to leave us alone they have hurt us very much emotionally, and they do not let us leave in peace, and also hurting my children emotionally especially my son and daughter. I also need to find peace in my heart, as my mom passed away this March 29-11 of Lung cancer. I am an only child with no siblings, or extended family, and feel very lonely and empty inside.

The people that were my friends have turned their backs on me, and they don’t even remember that I exist. Please, help me pray, as I need for all these burden that I have on my back to be lifted,as I cannot carry it any longer, its getting too heavy.

Thank you,

God Bless All!!!!

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  1. Prayers for You

    My prayers are with you and your family. I pray that your prayers will be answered and that everything will get better for you soon.

  2. Never lose faith

    God will not let you carry so much burden by yourself. Speak to our holy father and tell him that these problems have become too much for you to bare alone and that you place them all in his holy hands. Don’t ever give up or lose faith. You are not alone ever. Remember God is always with us by our sides. Hold on to him & you’ll see how everything will be alright. Pray for those individuals who have caused you & yours harm. Do the same for those who once called themselves your friends. Leave everything up to God.

    I’ll pray for you & your family. Sending you many blessings.

  3. Dear Maritza,

    I will pray for you. God never leaves us alone and maybe you should branch out in related jobs not necessarily teaching and as far as other people, who cares start forming new realtionships in churces that’s a good place to find real friends join a bible study they pray all the time.

    Take your kids to church its free and hope your husband comes along.


  4. Please help for my infertility

    I have been with doctors with my problem of infertility, I always get pregnant then within a short period of time like one and half month I loose the pregnancy, this has been going on for ages, my husband is now losing hope. but I do believe that the God that I serve can answer my prayer if I have other Christians to pray with me. I am desperate now.

  5. Son/ ex boyfriend

    Good morning Father I’m asking it’s guide and watch over my son Lord please bring key back home I know you didn’t bring me an end this far to end it I need him like I need you like I need my son you guys are only people in my life and I cannot live without you guys to father if I’m being selfish please Lord I’m sorry but his relationship and bring him back home to me cuz I need him like I need you and help my familys as well in Jesus name amen

  6. Praying for you

    I am praying for you my dear.

    I hope our dear Lord will grant your prayer. Rest Assured that I will also pray for you.


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