Prayer for truth from husband

by Lorna ()

Dear God, I have been praying and asking for help for 2 yrs since husbands infidelity and destructive drug addiction. By your grace we are together and he is back in Your care having asked forgiveness for his adultery.

I am so grateful for this, but I struggle with obsessive thoughts and inability to trust him and forgive him completely. It is now harming our relationship. I know You know who I am and what my weaknesses are. Please Please help me to see the truth about myself, if my thoughts are just insecure and fearful exaggerations from being hurt and traumatized, please let me know this intuitively.

If there is any truth to my greatest fear, that my husband is not truthful, please reveal that to me in a way that I can handle and also to know what to do then. Please show me the way to love and joy, I have been so sad since May 2009.. Change me please, I want to stop thinking about myself and to stop focusing on him..teach me to love again please…amen (p.s. please speak loudly and clearly to me and often)