Prayer for trustworthy relationship

by Chanell (AL)

I humbly ask and pray for the restoration of my relationship. We have hit a bump in the road where he doesn’t know what to believe. I am at my end. I know in my heart and mind and it is set that I want a future with J. I hope he does to. We honestly love each other an I have been placed in a situation I don’t have proof of and he doesn’t believe me.

I humbly ask and pray dear lord that you open his heart, mind, soul, and show J that I am trustworthy. Please I ask o you to pray for the healing of my relationship and hope things can mend between us tonight as I wait for him to get off work. Pray that J will continue to love and care for me for eternity as I will do the same for him. He is the one for me as I am the one or him. Lord, I thank you for everything you have done for me please restore and heal our relationship.

This is what I want and I’m praying for what I want and hope that it will be received. Please pray for us J and C. In your holy honor lord, amen