Prayer for Trusting God on all your problems in life.

by Yvonne (Menlo Park, CA)

Dear Lord, I know that you are working on my problems. Help me to be patient and to put my trust in you that even I don’t see how, when, and where but I knew deep down in my heart that you are the creator of Heaven and Earth and that’s where my helps come (Psalm 121).

Yes, I know that things are impossible it is possible to you O Lord. That is why my mind is trying to trick me and tell me there’s no way. But God is the way. The devil is trying to tell me that I am not good enough but, I don’t have to be good enough. I am a child of God and regardless of my situations and whatever it is. I am eligible for God’s my Father’s blessings in every bit of it. While I was a sinners, my God died on the cross to forgive me and He paid the price while I was in the pit. Lord help me to remember that and drill that in my heart and write that not in my journal or my note book but in my heart.

Lord thank you for your love and your mercy. Thank you for answering my prayers. Thank you for being my God that heals, that provides, that hold me when I am down and walk with me when I am alone, wipes my tears when I cry and tell me “do not afraid my child”. Because you will never leave me nor forsake me and will always be with me till the end of ages.

Thank you O Lord and please help me to love you with all my heart, mind and soul according to the command that I must obey and keep. Thank you O Lord. I praise you and thank you and please enlarge my territory and bless me indeed. Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm. Thank you for granting me with my request and the desire of my heart. I trust that you will be with me.

Lord I do believe, I believe, You are my Lord and savor. Thank you in Jesus Christ my redeemer Amen.

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