Prayer for Trusting God During Time of Need

by Ava (Columbia SC)

Father you promised to love me and provide for me if I live for you. I have not made the best decisions and ask you forgive me and strengthen me in my walk that i might trust you, follow your direction, make better decisions, always be thankful and share your goodness. Thank you for mercy and grace. Help me to not get in Your way.

You know what I need and I ask in the name of Jesus that you allow me to receive a financial blessing to meet my needs. I do not want to be a borrower but to be able to meet my obligations and help others. My funds are not sufficient and You know this, show me what to do. Thank you for everything You’ve provided for me and for meeting my needs financially.

I praise You and trust You to see me through this hardship. Thank you for saving me through Christ Jesus and help me to be a light for You. In the precious name of Christ Jesus I thank You.

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