Prayer for Trust and Restoration

by Stef (Washington)

Dear Lord,

I pray that you may help open my husbands heart to the idea of trust. I know I have wronged him, and hurt this marriage. I also know that he loves me more than anything, but his distrust overcomes his heart. I pray that You may help to show him how love conquers all.

He has hurt me in many ways, but I know because I love him, I can get through anything. He wants to get a divorce. We have only been married for a year. Lord, please help to heal his heart and help lead us back together. Give him the strength and courage to stop running away and make him brave enough to want to work on our marriage.

I have been proving to myself and to you oh Lord that I am a trusting person. Please I pray that you let my husband see the better side of me. AMEN

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