Prayer for True Love

by Vanessa (NJ)

St Jude I ask for love to blossom between two people that deserve each other. They both have put guards up to just be friends but their love for one another and need for one another shows more than just a friendship that has blossomed. They say you should marry your best friend, because that is the one person you cant lie, show off or impress, theyve seen you in your happiest and in your darkest moments. These two people do love each other and instead of telling each other how they feel they hide and think by being with others those feelings will fade or change, but they dont, if anything those feelings grow. True love was meant for these two people when they first meet in the parking lot of that mall and although it was not love at first sight it defenitely was the beginning of thier love for each other. Hopefully you will be able to guide them to each other once again and this time for good.

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