Prayer for true love to come

by Cindy (Dallas TX)

Dear Lord, St. Jude, and Mary, Please hear my prayer. Please bless all those around me, and around the world with love. Please bless me with true love. I am thinking of a certain man who is very important to me. Please enter his heart and mind and bless him with love.

Let love for each other flourish, and may we always be loyal and true to each other, and to you. My words are awkward , for that I am sorry. If it is not your intention for this man and I to begin a new life together, please bring peace to each of our hearts and minds.

I am suffering right now, being apart from him. Bring me peace, at this time when I feel pain. Divert my mind so that I feel thanks for all I do have. You have blessed me in so many ways in my life. I ask this now, in sincerity. In Jesus name, Amen

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