Prayer for True Love ends with Marriage

by Mayuvri (India)

God Hear my prayers for my sister she is 35 yrs still she is alone God please find her partner for marriage and let her happiness grow for ever also she is fat so everyone rejects her please God my cousin marriage.

God I have confess you about my broken relation with my love God I do not understand now what to do whether to wait for him or not.God give me strength to control my emotions not to call him again and again to restore this relation God he also told me that he has given me so many tears but actual reason is that his parents do not want and he does not want to disrespect his parents or be rude to them but in this way he has got disrespect from my parents they no more like him.

I do not understand who is correct or wrong whether who should i support.God please do somethings may we both get our true life partners that it I can ask because our parents will never want us together Father we always trusted parents and kept them in Gods place.

I have put my relation before you do what is correct for both of us and which lead both of us happy lives.


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