Prayer for true guidance to pass the test

by Christine (Newark,DE,USA)

Lord, my sovereign,my sweet loving savior Jesus, please guide me to know any knowledge and wisdom in related to this profession you have been given me and to the rest your children so that we may do our duties and obligations to help others when we pass any type of exams we encounter in our academic school requirements.

Discern us all your children with the power of understanding according to your highest will. Empower us to accept the heart of surrendering when we fail certain test but please hear us when we pray to you Lord sweet Jesus, that the next time we take the test you lifted us with spirit of success knowing that you heartedly and deliberately provide the right answer to all questions in our exams. Thank you Lord, for being there with me and the rest of your children in the examination room. Thank you sweet Jesus for giving us hope for our future. My God and my King, your love endures forever…