Prayer for Troubled Times

Please pray for my daughter who just recently finished nursing school. She has always been a good child and never gave us any problems.

She was recently caught using drugs and has went to rehab and doing everything she can to amend what she has done. There were many people at her job that cried and told her it would be okay and they were here for her and she would have her job when she was done with rehab.

Now they are not talking to her and seems as if they may not hire her back. She has been strong through this and we have had to spend a lot of money to get her through this.

So pray for us finacially as well as her to be able to go back to work and be able to witness to people regarding her experience.

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  1. my experience as an addict

    I hope this message brings hope for your daughter,

    I am in recovery and clean and sober from drugs and alcohol for over 27 years. Almost everyone I’ve ever met who sobers up and works the program has proven to find success and favour from God. Time and time again, I’ve experienced that rejection is really another word for redirection. In hindsight – Those who have said no to me at interviews, or turned me down for dates, or who have not wanted my friendship have all done me a favour by doing so.
    I am happily married with 3 grandchildren and lots of promise for my future.
    I’m sure that God will place you in the right place with the right people workwise and otherwise. You are one of the few who actually made it through the revolving door of recovery.
    That proves you are exceptional.

    Blessings on you and keep the faith.

    Dave Graham.

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