Prayer for Troubled Marriage

by Lois (Pittsboro, NC, USA)

Dear Heavenly Father:

I come to you in humility and great thanks for your bounteous blessings in my life, but also with a heavy heart, Father. I fear that evil is being thrown at my marriage and I ask Father that you destroy the evil – whatever its form – at its root and send it back to its native nothingness!!
Turn my husband’s heart back to me and to our marriage. Break the bonds that alcoholism and hanging out with the boys Now Father. Bring us both back to love with each other; bring peace back to our home; bring joy and contentment back to our hearts. Strengthen our relationship, and shield us from all jealousies, harm, and dangers. Let your unlimited Good Will be done in each of our lives and our life together. Bless our home, our sons, grandchildren, family, neighbors, community, town, state, nation and world. I ask this in the Name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and I give thanks that it is now Done. Amen.

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