Prayer for trish and gina

by Gin (Denver)

I Chron 4 Bless me, guardianship, money owed me, bunkbeds, sofa, car, enlarge my territory restore family, house, business, income, grandkids bk w/me keep your hand with me in all I do, keep evil from me as not to cause pain, no weapon formed against me shall prosper, enemy exposed and crushed, disrupt the enemies life, let nothing work for them, let them have no peace or rest and return all evil back to them 1000 fold in Jesus name amen!

train run on time tomorrow/thank you for showing me what she is planning sat-leaving kids with 1of2 men she is court ordered not to leave them with-keep exposing this,let neighbors call it in,let police document it /favor with dustin/favor with court orders, guardianship, custody, bless us in jesus name amen!