Prayer for Transitioning Points Through Life

by R (USA)

Dear Lord,

I come to you at a point of despair and sadness, as I am lost and suffering from grief. The past month has been filled with trials and tests, I lost a person from my life that I thought previously was my rock. I was convinced that he loved me and wanted the best for me, but he let the darkness consume him. I pray for him to find peace within himself and to be a better man so he never hurts another like he did me. I ask you to give me guidance and help lead me through the night and into a better outlook. I trust in you now. I ask that your will for me becomes clear, and as the days progress towards the time for a decision that the answer lays less clouded in my view. I ask for help to be confident and accepting of any opportunity that reveals itself, and if I was meant to leave to assist me in seeing I’m doing the right thing. I trust in you, Lord, and want to be good for the world and good for myself, and good for the future. I allow you to pick me up and show me strength. My heart is open and true.


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  1. Painful Transitioning

    I too am experiencing a painful transitioning. At this point in my life I am so tired of having my heart broken. Lord have mercy on me and save me from myself. I came into this relationship battle-scarred -not looking for a fairy tale romance, but believing that somehow we would make it through. Suddenly, after months of talking and opening up with each other, he has suddenly cut me off. . Lord, please, please let me know if there’s any reason for hope. If the relationship is not to be, then Jesus , send the Holy Spirit to let me know. It will be painful but I know that you will see me through this challenge as you did countless times. Sacred Heat of Jesus if there is no one out there for me, please let me know so I can acclimatise myself. I am tired of looking for love with the wrong people. Lord I pray for R. and others as myself who are broken hearted and seeking peace and comfort . Lord please speak directly into our hearts and give us your guidance. I place these requests on your open broken heart and thank you for restoration of relationships and most of all, restoration of your perfect peace that surpasses all understanding. I thank you wonderful Sacred Heart of Jesus for a speedy resolution Amen

  2. Faith

    Good morning R!
    My prayers are with you this morning
    He hears you
    You are a good person
    Please go to church each Sunday
    Even if you don’t feel like it
    Very important

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