Prayer For Tough Struggles at Work and Repentance of My Heart

by Heather (Virginia)

Lord, I know you and believe you,yet anxiety and insecurity conti ue to run my life. You have helped me out of the dark pit of depression. I now ask in Jesus name tht you would make clear your paths for me where work is concerned. My heart was so burdened and I still have anger and unforgiveness about so much that has happened there.

Thank you for teaching me that I don’t own it all. I still need help to know that I am important no matter where you have placed me.

I also ask forgiveness for not working with all my heart after all that has happened. Your Word says I should work as though working for you; however my concentration and lack of clear schedule/direction leave me in a fog and stand still. I pray you would forgive me and equip me to start fresh this week.

For focus and passion or else be very clear through people and situations if my time there is ending. It’s been such a long, tough road there these past six years. I need your healing and strength to forgive what I do not understand or like and to place it in your hands. Would you all please pray for me?

I also now have a broken ankle which the Enemy loves to make me feel even more worthless for my job than I already feel. Hank you and God bless. I love you Jesus and want to journey with you forever and make you proud.

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